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Colorful Couple

Behind the design of a custom alexandrite wedding ring set

By Tina Snyder

Denver-based jewelry designers Lauren and Matthew Tuggle of Tuggle Designs share a passion for making one-of-a-kind jewelry that puts a modern spin on traditional design. Inspired by patterns and architecture, the husband-and-wife design team were thrilled when they received a request for a custom alexandrite wedding set from a client who discovered them on Instagram.

“The only real direction the client provided for the rings was that he wanted natural alexandrite and loud ‘party colors,’ while hers should be more traditional,” says Lauren. “She showed us photos of rings she liked, but they pretty much gave us creative freedom.”

The first challenge was sourcing the gemstones. Unlike diamonds or sapphires, natural alexandrite availability is limited. “We worked with our sources across the country and ultimately found four marquises to show them,” says Lauren. “It took multiple meetings to find their perfect stones, but with limited options, we were glad they found ones they loved!”

Matthew sketched four designs for each ring. The client selected one of the four immediately for himself, but it took his fiancée a few rounds of revisions to get hers just right. “We presented options that she found difficult to choose between, and we spent more time picking the perfect color combo for her side stones.”

Lauren & Matthew Tuggle
Tuggle Designs, Denver, CO