MJSA Design Challenge 2023 – Stephanie Maslow Blackman

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MJSA Design Challenge 2023: A Second Chapter

9: Stephanie Maslow Blackman

As I read Tracy’s story, I realized that she fits my customer profile perfectly—she’s in the same age range, has older children, is adventurous, and she values jewelry as a way to celebrate special moments in life. I love that she’s reconnecting to these passions and interests that she’s long held but had to put off pursuing. She’s not reinventing herself, but rather she’s getting back in touch with who she really is.

Believing that it was what Tracy would choose, I decided to create a necklace. Since Tracy is so active, I wanted her to have something that she could put on and just leave on, as it’s worn close to the body and is not fussy. Plus, it holds memories: Every time she sees it, Tracy will be reminded of why it was made for her.