MJSA Design Challenge 2022 – Gemstones

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About the Gemstones in This Year's Challenge

Columbia Gem House (CGH) has specialized in responsibly produced colored gemstones for more than 20 years. Based in Vancouver, Washington, CGH has been family owned and operated since its founding in 1976. Pioneers in fair trade and responsibly sourced colored gems, CGH developed the world’s first Fair Trade Gems Protocols and Principles, which they still operate by today. In addition to their commitment to creating a positive impact on the people and environments throughout the supply chain, CGH also has a closed cutting workshop and in-house heat treating. They do this to ensure all their natural gems are of the highest quality and are exactly what they say they are—no synthetics mixed in, no unknown origins, and no safety concerns during the cutting process. Continue reading to learn more about the gems that were donated to this year’s competition.