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Creating Connections & Experiences

MJSA sponsors several events and programs that enable jewelry makers, designers, and related suppliers to create connections with both colleagues and customers. Whether it's to share expertise, showcase products and services, or just challenge themselves through competitions (and gain recognition for a job well done), MJSA can help.

Thousands of buyers fill the aisles of this annual show to connect with the industry’s finest trade suppliers and subcontractors, and find renowned experts through Expo's educational program. MJSA Expo Online continues those connections, with live product and service demos.

These monthly webinars cover all aspects of jewelry design, manufacture, sales, and operations. Attendees learn from industry experts, engage with one another and share ideas, and—most important—learn how to build successful businesses.

This annual design competition showcases the talents of professional and students alike. It offers the winners widespread promotion—including through full-page advertisements in some of the industry’s leading trade publications.

Every year, nine designers take the challenge to render a custom design, based on a fictional story, and incorporate into it responsible gems supplied by the Challenge's sponsor, Columbia Gem House. Online visitors then vote for their favorite creation.