MJSA Mentor & Apprenticeship Program

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Thank you for your interest in our program, which provides jewelry businesses with the tools needed to choose, hire, and train apprentice bench jewelers. Please fill out the registration form below to receive the following:

1. A free copy of the MJSA Press book A Jeweler's Guide to Apprenticeships by Nanz Aalund, which offers insights into all aspects of setting up a training program in the shop.

2. The MJSA Mentor & Apprentice Training Program Training Package, which includes a detailed, step-by-step curriculum based on a 50-week, 40hr/workweek calendar; assessment tests that can help with apprentice selection; and a list of industry suppliers (all trusted MJSA members) that can help with any equipment and supplies you need to bring on an apprentice. Several of the suppliers offer discounts to program participants.