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Laser Engraver

Tiffany & Co. (Pelham, New York)

The Tiffany Workshop in Pelham, New York, is known throughout the world for its fine jewelry and illustrious collections that symbolize the essence of distinctive craftsmanship, quality, timeless beauty and expressions of joy. It seeks a laser engraver to operate Tiffany & Co. equipment in a safe manner, follow work instruction processes, and check work to ensure product meets Tiffany & Co. quality standards.

Primary Requirements:

  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills with the ability to effectively interact with multiple staff levels
  • Ability to read and follow all established safety and manufacturing procedures.
  • Ability to read and understand blueprints as well as using measuring instruments: verniers, calipers, micrometers and drop indicators
  • HS Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic Math and MS Office computer skills
  • Ability to work overtime and/or modified work schedules as needed by the business.
  • Flexible to adapt to changing priorities and willing to change responsibilities within the department as needed

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Performs the laser engraving operation for all existing and new product. Check work orders before operating equipment. Ensure markings match the requirements of the work order.  Check pieces for Quality ensuring the Tiffany standard has been achieved.
  • Verify that the serial number and carat weight on the work order envelope matches with the serial and carat weight engraved on the piece.
  • Establish parameters to update programming for new product and request respective new fixturing as required.
  • Rinse and wash gold and platinum jewelry with diamonds and precious stones to Tiffany & Co. production and quality standards. Maintain the ultrasonic tanks according to the equipment specifications.
  • Load, run, and maintain Mass Finishing equipment to support polishing operations per work order requirements.  Ensuring Tiffany Quality standards are achieved and work order integrity is maintained.
  • Participates in 5S activities and ensures a clean and safe work environment is maintained.  Build partnerships within and across departments to provide efficiency and create a supportive continuously improving work environment.
  • Work safely at all times by consistently following safe work procedures for your position, as well as well as all safety procedures required at your worksite.
  • Promptly report all incidents and safety issues to your supervisor.