MJSA Press Publishes Guide to Maximizing Refining Returns

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MJSA Press has published a new digital book, A Refined Approach: Tips for Capturing Precious Metals, Choosing a Refiner, and Maximizing Returns, a comprehensive guide to managing metals and ensuring profits aren't being thrown away(literally).

The book covers everything from managing inventory to capturing all of that metal waste—hard scrap, sweeps, sludge, and anything in between—and preparing a lot for refining. It also offers guidance on how to choose and work with a refiner, along with an overview of what the actual sampling and assaying processes entail.

A Refined Approach is available as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, and as a downloadable PDF that can be purchased through MJSA. The standard price for both versions is $9.99, although MJSA members can download or request the PDF free of charge as part of their membership benefits. To learn more, go to MJSA.org.

The Prime Sponsors of A Refined Approach are David H. Fell & Company, Gannon & Scott, Umicore Precious Metals, and United Precious Metal Refining.

Additional support was provided by Geib Refining Corp., Gemological Institute of America, and Hoover & Strong.