MJSA Launches “Why I’m a Jeweler” Videos to Encourage Careers in Jewelry

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"Why I'm a Jeweler" Videos Launch

New Series Promotes Careers in Jewelry Making & Design

Nov. 30, 2023—MJSA, the trade alliance dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, has launched a new video series promoting the creative opportunities, community connections, and personal rewards found in a career making and designing jewelry.

Titled "Why I'm a Jeweler," the series presents jewelers of all types—from students to longtime designers and manufacturers—talking about why they love what they do and how aspiring jewelers can share in that joy. The first three videos focus on the personal connections made through jewelry ("An Intimate Experience"), how the craft offers many paths for a fulfilling career ("From an Ember to a Flame"), and how jewelry inspires creativity ("Telling a Story").

Amor Pleasant of Heirloom&Heritage was among the jewelers interviewed for the "Why I'm a Jeweler" series.

"A jewelry career offers so many rewards," says MJSA President/CEO David W. Cochran. "Not only does it meld artistry, science, and business in a unique and exhilarating way, but jewelers also have customers who are often experiencing some of life's happiest moments: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations. We want that message to get out. We've heard from so many members how difficult it is to find workers, but these testimonials show how fulfilling a jewelry career can be."

The videos can be found on the MJSA website at MJSA.info/apprentice as well as on MJSA's social media channels. To ensure they reach as wide an audience as possible, MJSA will upgrade and relaunch its consumer-facing BEaJEWELER.com website and related social media channels. It will also make the videos available to schools with jewelry programs and to career counselors through the National Career Development Association.

The "Why I'm a Jeweler" video series is part of the MJSA Education Foundation's Mentor & Apprenticeship Program, which provides businesses with the tools to attract, train, and retain workers. The series was produced by Werx.Marketing (a brand of the Hill Management Group) and supported by a grant from the JCK Industry Fund, the mission of which is to support the jewelry industry’s long-term success and growth by providing grant funding to organizations with the vision and programming to drive sustainable improvements across the industry.

To learn more, go to click here or contact Rich Youmans, executive director of the MJSA Education Foundation, at 1-800-444-MJSA (6572), ext. 3025, rich.youmans@mjsa.org.