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MJSA Custom Jeweler focuses on how to meet consumers’ desire for personalized jewelry that reflects their unique tastes and beliefs. It’s published quarterly as a special section in MJSA Journal (February, May, August, and November).

Featured Articles 

Something Old, Something New... by Shawna Kulpa
Greg Stopka focuses on transforming heirlooms into opportunities

At What Price?
Breaking down a custom piece, fee by fee

Recent Articles on Custom Design

Customer Whisperers by Shawna Kulpa
Lee Krombholz, Dawn Muscio, Gary Dawson, and Joel McFadden offer experience-honed tips on communicating with your customers. Read on to find out ways to ensure client satisfaction.

Social Media How-To by Irina Missiuro
Platforms and tactics for custom Jewelers

Fresh Heir by Irina Missiuro
Transparency and communication are key when transforming heirlooms

"I Came from an Environment of Sharing"
A profile of Joel McFadden, the first Mentor Jeweler appointed by MJSA’s Council of Custom Jewelers

An Uncustomary Request by John Shanahan
Creative freedom and some unusual pearls helped Brenda Smith to create an award-winning necklace

Custom Defined
An interview with Lee Krombholz, chair of MJSA’s Council of Custom Jewelers 

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