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Revere AcademyMJSA Member School Roundup

Below are some of the courses being offered by some of our MJSA member schools in the next few months. Please check back often for updates. Note: If you are a member school and would like to submit forthcoming classes and courses for this page, please click here.

Austin Community College • Brooklyn Metal WorksCreative Side Jewelry Academy at Austin

GIA (Gemological Institute of America)  Jewelry Arts Inc.

MetalwerxNew Approach School for Jewelers

New York Jewelry Design Institute North Bennet Street School  •

Portland Jewelry AcademyProfessional Jewelers Academy 

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts Studio Jewelers Ltd. • 

The Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology at Paris Junior College 


Austin Community College Logo

Austin, Texas

Jewelry making is an ancient art that’s alive and well today. If you see yourself creating and restoring ageless treasures as a professional jeweler, ACC can provide the knowledge and skills you need. Our hands-on instruction at the jewelry bench includes time-honored techniques in fabrication, lost-wax casting, and repair, as well as access to state-of-the-art equipment and computer aided design (CAD) technology. With decades of experience in every corner of the market, our faculty will give you the foundation for success.

ACC offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Jewelry in addition to a certificate in Jewelry Fabrication.

Fall 2016 courses are Jewelry Techniques I & II, Jewelry Repair/Fabrication I & II, Jewelry Casting I & II, Introduction to Metal Engraving, Wax Forming for Jewelry.

Click here for the Fall 2016 course schedule.

Click here to review the course descriptions.


BKMW logo

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Metal Works (BKMW) is a metal art studio that offers space to rent for the development of work in the metalsmithing field, as well as offering concept-based classes and gallery space to promote artists, designers, and makers. The intention of this studio is to present a safe working and learning environment, to foster exploration, encourage experimentation, and strengthen the knowledge base of all involved. Brooklyn Metal Works aims to promote the field of metalsmithing and to further critical dialogue among those who practice, write, and invest time and energy into the field.

Insights. Instructor: Dean Harris. Jan. 21. Our Insights series brings you real conversations from professionals working in the field. To begin the new year we have fine jewelry designer Dean Harris returning to speak about his experience building his collection, developing business relationships, and maintaining his brand in an ever changing market. More...


Creative Side Jewelry Academy

Austin, Texas

The intention of Creative Side is to provide a comfortable, fun, professional, and creatively inspiring studio space where anyone can come to learn and build a skill set and career in the ever-expanding craft of jewelry making. Offering more than 75 courses a semester, including weekend, week long, evening, and daytime courses that cover a wide array of techniques. Creative Side also now offers youth programs and summer camp apprenticeships for ages 10 to 16.

The Full Monty: 8-Week Jewelry Concentration. Instructor: Deanna Pastel. Jan. 31. Are you looking for a full introduction to the the craft of jewelry making? We have put together a hands-on, fast paced, intensive program that will help you find your creative voice through the art of jewelry. Creative Side Jewelry Academy is happy to foster your desire of becoming a jeweler and metalsmith with classes that prove to successfully teach you the fundamentals of fabrication and practical bench skills. This full 8-week program is the perfect place to begin gaining confidence in the studio. It is designed for absolute beginners as well as those wanting to refine their skills. We encourage you to complete the full curriculum over 8 weeks in a row if at all possible, with open studio sessions in between. Includes Jewelry 101, Jewelry 201, and Open Studio. More...

Jewelry 101: Fabrication Soldering. Instructor: Rita Marie Ross. Jan. 3-26. Spend a total of 32 hours over 4 weeks, learning the core techniques of jewelry making and the tools and equipment of a metalsmithing studio. Combine your knowledge to design and fabricate 7 projects in eight days: rings, bracelets and pendants in sterling silver, copper and brass. Absolute beginners and intermediate students are welcome! More…

Working with Wire. Instructor: Mary Lee Hu. Jan. 16-19. This four-day workshop will give participants a look at some of the many ways one can use round wire in processes borrowed from the fields of basketry and textiles – twisting, wrapping, looping, braiding, and knitting to make textured line, and soumak, weaving and twining to create flat shape or hollow form. Emphasis will first be on making samples of the processes that interest the participant, and then to incorporate one or several in a simple project of the participant’s own choosing. Some experience with metals and soldering is helpful, but not essential. People from a fibers background may find interest in using a different material with processes they know. More…

Leather Working. Instructor: Greg Foster. Jan. 21-22. Been curious about working in leather? This class will cover basic terminology, principles and types of leather in all its applications, as well as basic tooling techniques and how it applies to jewelry making. Students will go through all the steps necessary to create a handmade bracelet with a stone mount or inlay. More…

Lost Wax Casting. Instructor: Courtney Gray. Jan. 28-29. Saturday students will spend the day in the studio carving a simplistic three dimensional design for a pendant in wax. Discuss the significance of the weight and size of the wax when carving and how it will affect the casting process. At the end of the day Courtney will demonstrate how to sprue and invest the waxes and discuss the casting process. Sunday you cast! Each student will man the large torch as they melt and sling the molten metal for the centrifugal casting experience. Cast the pendants in bronze, sterling silver or Argentium. Finish out the pieces- clip, de-bur and polish your cast pendants for a beautiful, one of a kind piece, made by you! More…

Intro to Welding and Repairing Jewelry. Instructor: Orion Welders. Feb. 4-5. The Orion Welder is a great tool for the jeweler doing filigree, repairs that include stones or anyone who has ever been in a situation that needed a spot filled but could not add solder. Their product line includes Capacitive Discharge, AC, Pulse Arc, Laser and Micro TIG welding systems that are used in a variety of research and manufacturing fields and industries.  This two-day course will teach you all about welding small scale jewelry using an electrode and argon gas with the precise Orion and Pulse welding machines. Laser welding will also be mentioned during this class. More…

Six-Week Argentium Immersion Course. Instructor: Ronda Coryell. March 27-May 5. Led by Ronda Coryell, the most highly regarded and recognized Argentium instructor in the world, these courses were designed to take you from basic fabrication skills all the way to hollow forms, stone setting, granulation, bezels and shanks, enameling, working in gold and more. At the end of this full 6-week immersion series, students will have all the core skills they need to work in this cutting edge alloy that is taking over as the leading new sterling alloy in the industry. This non-tarnish, fuse-able metal is like a dream come true for jewelers. From absolute beginners to experienced jewelry makers, ANY of these courses may be taken at ANY level. Participants may take as many of these courses as they want or the full immersion package. The full 6-week immersion will prepare you for the Argentium Instructor certification and give you a complete overview of this material and the skills you need to create amazing work! Enroll now to save your bench as the classes are limited to 14 students. More…


GIA logo

Carlsbad, California, and New York City
Whether you’d like to learn specific jewelry design technologies, or how to become a bench jeweler, GIA offers programs that will prepare you for success.

To find out more about classes, see Carlsbad (CA) campus classes and New York (NY) campus classes.

Jewelry Arts Inc.

New York City
Jewelry Arts’ students learn jewelry design and creation in a warm and supportive environment featuring semi-private classes of 4-5 students per instructor.

One-day workshops

Customized classes

Week-long classes


Metalwerx Logo

Waltham, Massachusetts
Metalwerx is an innovative school and community studio for jewelry making and metal arts, offering small, personalized classes in a supportive, enthusiastic, community environment.


Summer with the Masters


New Approach School Logo

Franklin, Tennessee
Established by Blaine Lewis in 1996, New Approach features live demonstrations using high magnification HD cameras to show an instructor’s work with absolute precision.

Graduate Bench Jeweler Program • Jewelry Technician Program • Advanced Stone Setting • Bench Jeweler Comprehensive • Counter Sketching and Color Rendering • Ornamental Hand Engraving • Platinum Fabrication • Stone Setting Comprehensive • Wax Carving with Kate Wolf. More...


New Approach School Logo

New York City

By offering a series of in-depth courses, hands-on training, expert teachers, and lectures and presentations from some of the top names in the New York and global jewelry business, the New York Jewelry Design Institute provides a mix of science, art, craftsmanship, and computer technology that leads our students to become fully dimensional artisans, designers, and businesspeople.

Business of Jewelry Design • Illustrator for Jewelry Design • Jewelry Merchandising • Manufacturing & Global Sourcing • Marketing & Branding • Rapid Rendering • Shaper Pro—Designing Artistic Jewelry • Understanding CAD • Watercolor for Jewelry • ZBrush. 

Click here to view the Fall 2016 schedule.

Click here for Calendar at a Glance. 


North Bennet St School

Boston, Massachusetts
North Bennet Street School offers intensive, hands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship, helping students to achieve meaningful lives and livelihoods.

Jewelry 101, March 11-12. Instructor: Leslie Hartwell. Learn the basics of jewelry making and get to know your way around the bench by choosing from a selection of beginner-level projects. Projects range from rings and bangles to earrings and pendants. More...


Portland Jewelry Academy

Portland, Oregon
Tucked in the Saint Johns neighborhood in North Portland, the Portland Jewelry Academy offers an extensive 16-week course that provides the foundation needed for a career as a professional bench jeweler.

Foundational Bench Skills Enrollment opens at the beginning of every month; projects in jewelry fabrication, wax carving and injection, casting, stone setting, and repairs take place on an ongoing basis throughout the year. More...


Professional Jewelry Academy & Studio

Hanover, Massachusetts
The premier jewelry academy in Massachusetts providing a three-month, comprehensive training course for jewelry repair and fabrication. Upon completion, students will be certified as part of the Jewelers of America Bench Professional Certification program. Flexible schedule; students determine their own start dates. Class hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Curriculum focuses on the following skills:

Gemstone Faceting and Repair • Laser Welding of Precious Metals • Goldsmith Skills • Torch Soldering of All Metals • Lost-Wax Casting • Repairing and Fabricating of Jewelry • Gemstone Setting.  More...


Revere Academy for Jewelry Arts

San Francisco, California

Featuring California state-approved Diploma Programs, the Revere Academy was founded in 1979 by master goldsmith and former AJDC president, Alan Revere. The Revere Academy is a place where master craftsmen pass on the traditional skills they use every day to the next generation.

Jewelry Technician Program  (JT) - 11 classes that successively build on bench skills and trade practices, designed to give you all the essential skills to make jewelry.

Jewelry Technician Intensive Program (JTI) - Similar to the Jewelry Technician Program, this 2-month program led by Alan Revere is taught in a full-time format, helping students prepare for a career in jewelry. Instruction covers 11 classes and includes the basics of hand engraving, studio access on evenings and weekends, guest speakers, field trips and special events.

Graduate Jeweler Program 11 additional classes build on the skills learned from the JT or JTI program. The total of 22 classes provide a well-rounded foundation in jewelry and is ideal for designers, entrepreneurs, and those serious about a career with the potential to grown in many areas. 

Masters Symposium Every April, prominent experts from around the world gather at the Revere Academy to teach their areas of specialization. 

Classes Revere Academy’s professional level classes are open to all. Most classes are 3-5 days.


Studio Jewelers

New York City
Studio Jewelers Ltd. is a licensed jewelry trade school offering a wide range of courses, small class sizes, and flexible scheduling (full and part time, 6 days per week), whether you are seeking a career in the jewelry industry or looking to develop new skills.

Basic Jewelry Making Rolling admission; classes available throughout the year. More...

Diamond Setting I Rolling admission; classes available throughout the year. More...

Diamond Setting II Rolling admission; classes available throughout the year. More...

Jewelry Repair Rolling admission; classes available throughout the yearMore...

Pearl and Bead Stringing Classes available throughout the year. More...

Wax Modeling/Casting/Molds Rolling admission; classes available throughout the yearMore...

Portland Jewelry Academy

Paris, Greenville and Sulphur Springs, Texas

The Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology at Paris Junior College has enjoyed a reputation for teaching excellence since it opened in 1942. While this highly acclaimed division of PJC prides itself on state-of-the-art instruction, it is also well known for teaching time-honored techniques. With mechanical watchmaking in a period of true renaissance, the worldwide demand for graduates of our horology program is incredible. The field of gemology is an essential element in the jewelry business. A complete study of the characteristics of gemstones, the style of cuts and gem identification assure a grounded working knowledge of the great variety of natural and man-made stones used in the industry today. The jewelry industry remains on the leading edge of computer-aided design techniques, a technology driven by the craftsman’s desire to create ever more complex and beautiful works of art. To compete in today’s marketplace, a person must be well rounded. To take full advantage of the vast range of opportunities, students are encouraged to become knowledgeable and skilled in all areas: jewelry, watchmaking, gemology and computer-aided design. Small classes provide a faculty/student ratio that ensures the individualized training that makes TIJT graduates in demand in the job market. The four program areas are designed to teach a student the technical, manipulative and professional skills required to enter today’s prestigious and lucrative jewelry, watchmaking and gemology industry. If you are looking for a career in a dynamic field that rewards creativity and offers unlimited opportunities, contact the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology at Paris Junior College.

Programs At TIJT:

Jewelry Technology • Gemology  •  Watchmaking (Horology) • Computer-Aided Design 


Top photo courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

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