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20/20 Vision Keeping your business on track and moving forward. By Lisa Krikawa

A Matter of Opinion In this increasingly digital world, online reviews can make or break your business. By Terri Wallo Strauss

Be the Outlier The importance of differentiating your business beyond design. By Andrea Hill 

The Buddy System Adopt the buddy system when introducing new employees. By Andrea Hill

Building a Brand Building your business’s brand starts with creating your identity. By Andrea Hill

Business Strategies: Choose Your Own Adventure Confront the unknown to discover new customers. By Andrea Hill

Business Strategies: New Year, New You Start off the year by embracing your inner entrepreneur. By Andrea Hill

The Business of Design Video of a strategic planning session from the 2012 MJSA conFab.

Capital Kick-Start Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for your business, but it takes effort. Here’s how to make an impact. By Terri Wallo Strauss

Careful Watch Monitoring Monitoring hidden manufacturing costs. By Ann Arnold

The Check Is in the Mail Pay your idea bank regularly to keep your business thriving. By Andrea Hill

The Cost of a Good Impression  Making the most of Facebook. By Matthew Perosi

A Craft, Revered Paying tribute to a master who loves jewelry making and design—and helped others feel the same way. By Shawna Kulpa

Data Mining Gain business insights by reviewing your company’s data. By Andrea Hill

The Designer as Entrepreneur Bree Richey reflects on what it takes to get a business to the next level.

Doctor, Doctor Strategic planning can keep your company out of the emergency room. By Andrea Hill

Don’t Miss the Boat Strategies for capitalizing on jewelry industry growth opportunities in the coming decades. By Andrea Hill

Driving Directions Mapping your way to business growth. By Shannon L. Brown

The Fearless Exhibitor Taking the worry out of the trade show experience. By John Shanahan

Fight the Fear Tips for addressing the fear of the unknown. By Andrea Hill

Filter Down Beware the cost of inadequate business advice. By Andrea Hill

First Things First Describes an order for steps to achieving profitability. By Andrea Hill

Follow the Leader Great leaders are developed, not born. By Andrea Hill

From INventory to OUTventory How you can turn your stock faster and free up cash. By Andrea Hill

From Small Changes... At Lashbrook, the quest for improvement never ends. By Shawna Kulpa

Get It Together How to organize your way to being a better manager. By Andrea Hill

Get the Picture  Sharing emotion and capturing attention on Instagram. By Matthew Perosi

The Good Boss Tips for becoming a better manager. By Andrea Hill

Happy Endings By embracing responsible sourcing, jewelers help save the planet and its people, and get a good story to tell their customers. By Terri Wallo Strauss

Happy New Year Tips for making time to plan in the new year. By Andrea Hill

Hit the Reset Realign your marketing strategy with the new consumer reality. By Andrea Hill

Hold It Right There There Practical and unique ways to store tools and supplies. By Shawna Kulpa

The Horror of Hiring Tips to avoid making painful hiring mistakes. By Andrea Hill 

Hover and Spin Successful delegation is the key to productivity and quality. By Andrea Hill

How Does Your Garden Grow? Digging around to find the root of a problem. By Andrea Hill

It’s All a Blur Why the line between fine and fashion jewelry is disappearing. By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

It’s Just Conflict Dealing with disagreement in the workplace. By Andrea Hill

It’s Not About You  Design websites to meet your customers’ needs. By Andrea Hill

Jeweler Mutual’s Safe & Secure Tips Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers tips for protecting investments.

The Letter of the Law A guide to intellectual property rights. By Sara E. Yood, Esq.

Letting Go Establishing expectations to help release control. By Andrea Hill

Losing Control Recognize the differences between managing and micromanaging. By Andrea Hill

Made in the USA: A Matter of Trust A case study on how Tiny Tags competes using a U.S.-based subcontractor. By Shawna Kulpa

Made in the USA: Flexing to Fit In How Superfit Inc. used CAD/CAM technology for a more flexible manufacturing approach. By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Made in the USA: Going with the Flow Implementing Lean Manufacturing. By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Made in the USA: More for Less Case studies in how U.S.-based companies Tacori and Mark Schneider Design better compete.

Made in the USA: Right on Track RW Manufacturing discusses how a specialized software system has contributed to its global competitiveness.

Made in the USA: Trimming the Excess Case studies in how U.S.-based companies Tacori and Mark Schneider Design better compete.

Made in the USA: New Tube How a veteran U.S. jewelry manufacturer built a better business model. By Paul Nordt III

Made in the USA: Where We Stand An update on the jewelry industry’s efforts to promote homegrown products. By Irina Missiuro

Map It Out Diagnosing business problems beyond the symptoms. By Andrea Hill

Marketing 101 Defining your business’s value proposition. By Andrea Hill

Me, Myself, and I The key to overcoming workplace dysfunction starts with you. By Andrea Hill

Mind the Gap Planning for tomorrow’s success, today. By Terri Wallo Strauss

Never Too Late to Learn Making assumptions can cost a business dearly. By Andrea Hill

On the Move Keeping your business flexible for long-term success. By Andrea Hill

Paying On the Go What you need to know before choosing a mobile payment system for your business. By Terri Wallo-Strauss

Play at Your Own Risk Avoid getting caught in a zero-sum game. By Andrea Hill

The Price Is Right Three jewelers come on down to demonstrate just how personal the pricing game is. By Shawna Kulpa

The Price Is Right (or Is It?) An adequate return depends on accurate cost accounting and the right pricing strategies. By Gerry Davies (from Business Planning)

The Price Is Right Video session on pricing jewelry from the 2012 MJSA conFab.

Pricing Uniqueness When pricing your work, be sure to take its uniqueness into account. By Gary Dawson

Profiles in Being Green The eco-friendly efforts of jewelry makers. By Shawna Kulpa

Pursuing Perfection Achieving excellence through imperfection. By Andrea Hill

Reach Out and Touch Someone Tips for entrepreneurs to stay connected. By Andrea Hill

Remembering Revere  

A Revolutionary Man Remembering Lee Marshall: 1935-2017. By Shawna Kulpa

Road Rules Hiring new employees to keep up with business growth. By Shannon L. Brown

Shades of Green Jewelry companies saving the planet, one step at a time. By John Shanahan & Shawna Kulpa

The Shop of Tomorrow A glance at the tools and technologies that may be coming soon to a workshop near you. By Shawna Kulpa

Show Stopper Emanuela Duca’s designs travel through time. By Irina Missiuro

Standard Shifts FTC requests comments on proposed changes to its Jewelry Guides

The Sustainable Story How to talk about your responsible efforts. By John Shanahan

Talk the Talk Creating an effective communications system. By Andrea Hill

Therapy Session Cultivating personal skills for business success. By Andrea Hill

Trade Show Packing Tips  Exhibitors reveal their event must-haves. By Irina Missiuro

Try, Try Again Managing your emotions to master new things. By Andrea Hill

Untangling the Web Tips for getting the most out of your website. By Matthew A. Perosi

The Whole Picture Tips for photographing jewelry. By Matthew Perosi

We Are Family The art of running a family business. By Marlene Richey

With the Best Intentions The importance of intentionally creating a business culture. By Andrea Hill

Your Special Sauce Branding your way to better margins. By Andrea Hill


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